Jonah Hill Spoderman: Origins

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Jonah Hill Spoderman: Origins
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Jonah Hill Spoderman: OriginsUse WASD to moveClick to shoot webWeb can be utilized to grapple. Goal for the big webs scattered all through the gameYour assault powers have been disabled. You'll be able to solely flee from fight, so watch outComing into contact with any enemy will end in deathUtilize crouching, properly maneuvered jumps, webs, and crawling to succeed in the Cherikee Crimson soda with the intention to advance in levelThere are 5 ranges to playCollect Baja Blast to lift your scoreCrouch quickly to lift scoreIf Maymay % reaches zero, loss of life will ensueMusic credit:ArtistSong Title SourceGmcfoshoFals ProfitGil Killed Hip HopSEGALive and LearnSonic the HedgehogThey May Be GiantsBoss of MeMalcom within the MiddleNintendoResults Show ScreenSmash Bros WiiUNintendoBODY ROCKWarioware: DIYNintendo Metroid Theme MetroidNintendoDK RapDK64Restricted Version Idea Artwork: (Not obtainable)
WASD to moveW to jumpS to crouchPoint and click on to shoot internet

WASD to moveW to jumpS to crouchPoint and click to shoot web


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